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Sparing Policy

The Woodstock Curling Centre recognizes the vital role spares play in filling in for regular league curlers who may be absent from time to time.  Spares are used in order to ensure teams have a full complement of players and everyone enjoys the sport on a level playing ground.

The existence of a sparing policy recognizes that appropriate use of spares is critical to the smooth functioning of all leagues in any curling facility and if not handled in a fair and consistent manner will quickly become an irritant to all participants.

  • It is the responsibility of the absent player to arrange for a spare and to notify their Skip as to the name of the spare
  • It is the responsibility of the Skip (or Vice in the absence of the Skip) to ensure that any spare on his/her team signs the Spare Book, and pays the Spare Fee, where applicable, prior to accessing the ice


When arranging for spares, curlers shall adhere to the following guidelines:

  • For leagues that have teams with a bye week, first approach the bye team skip or team member to ask if a team member is available.  For Leagues with a registered 5th player, the 5th player can be their first choice. 
  • Second, from the "Members Only" area of the website, visit "Find a Spare" and contact any member who has indicated that they are available to spare in your League. 
  • Third, if no League spare members are available, then a participant outside the League spare list could be used as a spare.
  • Non-club curlers may be used when it is not possible to arrange a spare from within the club or special circumstances exist.  This can be an effective way to introduce new participants to the Centre. However, we ask that such spares be limited to no more than 3 appearances in any given league.  Before stepping onto the ice, the participant shall sign a waiver at the bar that relieves the Centre of all liability, pay $25 at the bar and logs the sparing activity in the Spare Book. Alternatively, spare packages are available for purchase 5 games for $100 + tax. 


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Founded in 1948, the Woodstock Curling Centre is a four sheet facility located at 114 Beale Street in Woodstock, Ontario. Throughout the years the curling centre has played host to many social gatherings, bonspiels and great curling events including several Provincial championships.